Best ways to create eye catching real estate signs

Real Estate Signs: Direct and Indirect Modifications


Did you ever notice how many real estate signs are placed in the front yards, in your neighborhoods, most come from Printmoz? The main reason for that is they work. I do not care about how much technology has improved. The old school still works.

Below we will take a look at some of the factors that help make those real estate signs in the front lawns work the way they do.

The Internet and Old School Simplicity

The internet might have blossomed into something of a phenomenon, but simplicity works. The signs grab your attention. It is like looking at your iPhone all day. The same rules apply here.

Do you know how your kids get distracted by something that pops up on their iPhone? The same rules apply here. It is like seeing a larger-than-life version of an image on the phone.

However, it depends on the type of sign you use. It also depends on the imagery. You are not going to get the attention you require if the image is not relevant and eye-popping. Once more, think about how your kids get distracted by the images on their iPhone.

Your kids are not affected by something small and irrelevant. It has to serve an interest for your kids to take notice.

The Color of Rain

I guess it depends on who you talk to, but plain rain is not going to cause much disruption. Most people are going to say, “oh, it is raining, okay”. The rain has to be a different color for it to be appealing and out of the ordinary. It kind of relates to the first section.

There is also a psychological factor associated with color. Neutral colors are not going to work. You need to be bold and unique with your colors. The colors also have to make sense. Your colors on the sign have to draw the people in. Once again, it comes down to psychology.

Certain colors are going to boost the brand and logo recognition. Agencies like ReMax and Keller Williams always stick with a particular scheme. They do not sway from the tradition.

This is one example of how old school and color schemes, on the internet, can lend to your real estate signs. You can combine old school with internet technology to make something beautiful.

The “color of rain” represents transparency on many different levels. You advertise authenticity and trustworthiness depending on the color scheme you use. The color of rain combines those qualities with the water, which is transparent and pure. Combining all those qualities in the sign will bring the crowds in.

The Material World

Like it or not, we do live in a material world. The kind of materials you use for your sign does matter. Metal is going to be your most durable. Using metal alongside the color schemes will show both durability and transparency. Believe it or not, the two are related.

There are certain qualities with durability and strength in the foundation and the transparency you have with customers. Metal foundations for signs are a big game-changer. Metal does cost more than other materials. but it showcases the durability and dependency you want.

“It costs money because it saves money”.

Moonstruck, 1987

I Like Books

This is a metaphor to illustrate how readability is very important. I am not asking you to write a book, That is absurd. However, you do need to get people interested in reading more in the digital age. Reading is not the “in” thing to do anymore. It is not enough to get them to read the sign, you have to get them to want to read the sign.

Sometimes you have to add some lines and border to make your point. Some people need directions to what is most important.

Drawing the person’s attention to certain things will get the point across without much effort. It is similar to the first section, where I spoke about how important it is to grab the person’s attention. It is(once again) combining old school with new internet technologies.

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Yes, to a point, Printmoz makes sure your signs are visible by inspecting every order. Something can be too big. When something is too big it no longer becomes fun. Sometimes you do have to increase the size of the letters to get the point across. How do you think ReMax and Keller Williams get the business they do? They know when to increase the size and when to downsize.

Do you want something large and in charge? You better make it count. Otherwise, you end up with a lot of space without any customers to show for it. Sometimes it is not the size of the space, but what you do with it that counts.

What About Using Online Resources?

Going online has taken the place of a lot of old school practices, but is it worth it? Does going online to create something make it better? I guess it depends on what your needs are.

The one main benefit that real estate agents find is that online offers cost-effective options. There is no middle man. You can get what you want without much fuss. You can(for the most part)find something high-quality online.

You have to be careful where you order. Some places do not have the best quality. I know that sounds obvious, but some real estate agents still make those mistakes.

The great thing about technology is it has advanced enough where it combines the digital age and the same simplicity and old school messages you have come to rely on.

One Final Thing Everything we have talked about today is inner related and connected, in some way( both directly and indirectly). Everything has a beginning and an end. Using the methods listed above will help you to create the eye-popping signs you want your customers to find.…

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